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Shipping Directly From The EU





Portable Wooden Bed - 'Sella'

by Weelko
Original price €253,23 - Original price €253,23
Original price
€253,23 (incl. VAT)

202,58 (excl. VAT)
€253,23 - €253,23
Current price €253,23 (incl. VAT)

3-section portable table with a light structure made of wood adjustable by tension wires. Height and backrest adjustable in different fixed positions and foldable in any of them. Lateral armrests, headrest for cervical massage, breather hole and armrest support. Transportation bag is included. PVC upholstery in white and high-density padding.

Product size: 205x70/94x62/84 cm.

Weight: 16,5 kg.