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Reduced Shipping Costs In the EU
Reduced Shipping Costs In the EU




Hot Stone Deluxe Water Heater

Original price €152,32 - Original price €152,32
Original price
€152,32 (incl. VAT)

121,86 (excl. VAT)
€152,32 - €152,32
Current price €152,32 (incl. VAT)
The new and smart digital hot stone heater in Altermed's range, makes it easy and very user-friendly to heat massage stones. 
Our customers loves it! Simply fill the tub with water, set the display to your favorite temperature. The thermometer will then provide you with a constant heat in the tub so you constantly have hot stone ready to be used. We supply the heater with a bamboo wooden spoon with holes so that you can benefit to take out the stone from the tub. A professional tool that's sure to make great useage in your practice. 

Should be washed and dried every day 
Volume: 18 L.
Display: Digital
Material: Stainless steel and aluminum.
Temp.: Hot water bath between 40 ° C and 70 ° C.
Consumption: Max. 1200 Watt
External Dimensions: (L / W / H) 56 x 37 x 19 cm.
Incl.: Wooden spoon with holes to take the stones out of the water