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Reduced Shipping Costs In the EU
Reduced Shipping Costs In the EU




64 Piece Hot Stone Massage Set

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€101,86 (incl. VAT)

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€101,86 - €101,86
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Basalt is a type of igneous stone that is formed from cooled molten lava. Basalt is known for it’s superior heat retention characteristics which makes our stone perfect for hot stone treatments.

It simply doesn't get any better and more versatile for those who want to perform a Hot Stone Massage at a high level. This luxury stone set containing 64 stones gives you a unique opportunity to offer your clients an unforgettable luxury experience of 75-90 minutes duration.

The package is carefully composed with stones in a variety of sizes and shapes. For example it includes special trigger point stones, contour stones for the eyes, white marble stones for cold therapy and a chakra stone set. 
  • Comes in an elegant storage box made ​​of bamboo
  • Top quality hand-shaped basalt stones
  • Includes a range of sizes

2 pcs: Extra large, flat and oval stones for abdomen and buttocks
14 pcs: Large, flat and oval stones for back and thigh
14 pcs: Medium, flat and oval stones for arms, palms, calfs, feet and collarbone
7 pcs: Small oval, flat and oval stones for face / forehead, scalp and cheekbones
8 pcs: Small stones to be placed between each toe
4 pcs: Oblong stones for trigger point massage for buttlocks and sore muscles
2 pcs: Oval contour stone for the eyes
6 pcs: Marble stone for energizing and finishing the face
7 pcs: Chakra Stones