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Reduced Shipping Costs In the EU




Half Short Bamboo Massage Stick Add-On (2)

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Half short bamboo sticks are a very useful tool for a therapist to have as their unique shape and size have few advantages. They can be heated and re-heated quite fast, sit nicely in the palm and allow performing delicate moves on various parts of body. They've great for effleurage, deep tissue and inducing deeper relaxation.


  • 16cm x 3cm - Solid 'Half-Round' Bamboo Stick
  • 2 Pack

Warm bamboo treatment is a fairly new addition to the catalogue of massage treatments that have gained popularity in UK in recent years. It is strongly linked to hot stone massage because of the use of heat, but this treatment has it's own unique properties.

It offers subtle, yet effective heat to the muscles, relaxing them and preparing for deep tissue treatment. Apart from doing this, it is offering muscle stretching, spa level wellbeing relaxation- soothing warmth to the entire body, while saving therapist's hands and joints from overuse.

This massage treatment is performed with solid bamboo sticks, cold pressed into various shapes with different lengths and thickness levels. This variety allows the massage therapist to access all muscles and pressure points equally and offer a complete tension relief to the client.

This treatment has been equally popular with athletes and other clients simply in search for warm pampering relaxation. The reason for this is because when these bamboo sticks are nicely warmed, they can offer deep stretch to tight muscles and break down tension accumulated either through exercise, daily stress or improper posture.

This treatment has been asked for by many active athletes and sport enthusiasts because frequent use can improve sport performance and speed up recovery process of muscle tissue, while other people simply enjoy the warm relaxation element that it provides.

Also eligible and encouraged to be used in conjunction with basalt stones, as they can be heated in the same way when using dry heat from VULSINI Heating Bags.