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Trigger Point Stone Add-On (2)

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Two trigger point stones have a rounded end, and are used to do deep tissue work on muscles that are in spasm or to release trigger points. The heat that is released from the stones relaxes the problematic muscles and makes the therapist's job easier by reducing the wear on their hands.

2 Trigger Point Stones (Approximate size: 5 cm - 7 cm)

Why use basalt stones?

Basalt stones are results of volcanic eruptions, and contain silica and oxygen in combined proportions. Minerals like magnesium and iron present in the stones are also popular among pharmacies for their healing properties. Basalt stones are extremely soft; they have a smooth surface and are free from roughness, making them an ideal tool for massage therapies. Massage with basalt stones helps in reviving and relieving the body tissues and muscles in a comforting way.