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Reduced Shipping Costs In the EU
Reduced Shipping Costs In the EU





Take a look through our frequently asked questions for detailed information and tips to use your VULSINI Bag. If you can't find your answer here, then send us a message.


Q: Can I use my VULSINI Bag anywhere in the World?

A: Yes, the bag's use a power adaptor which lowers the voltage meaning it can be used anywhere with the correct power plug. Lowering the voltage also makes it much more energy efficient!


Q: Can I use the bags to heat both sticks and stones?

A: Yes, the bags use the same heating technology and so can heat bamboo sticks, basalt stones and Himalayan salt stones (as well as semi-precious stones such as jade). 


Q: What's the quickest way to heat my sticks/stones in the bag?

A: For the quickest heating times set the bag to max (80ºC) for at least 50 - 60 minutes, at which point the sticks/stones will start to feel hot all the way through. Once they got too hot to touch, you can then lower the temperature to a more comfortable working temperature (55-60ºC).


Q: Can I do anything else to speed up the heating?

A: You can roll/flip the sticks/stones halfway through the first 60 minutes. Also make sure each stick/stone is making contact with the base of the bag (except for the thinnest stones, eg. toe and face, which can be stacked).


Q: My controller's showing an odd number, it's set on Fahrenheit (ºF) how can I change it?

A: To switch your temperature controller's settings between Celsius (ºC) and Fahrenheit (ºF) press and hold both the minus (-) and plus (+) buttons together for 3 seconds.