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Reduced Shipping Costs In the EU




Natural Wood Gua Sha Scraping Stick

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This full body gua sha scraping stick may look intense, but fear not as it follows the Traditional Chinese Medicine practice of releasing blocked 'qi' (energy). Apply as much or as little pressure as is comfortable to stimulate circulation and encourage the removal of toxins in the body.


  • The benefits of Gua Sha scraping for the body
  • Easily control the pressure to suit comfort and efficiency
  • Wide coverage
  • Designed for higher efficiency and less discomfort
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Redness 


  • Length: 36cm, 46cm or 52cm
  • Material: Wood

This treatment has been asked for by many active athletes and sport enthusiasts because frequent use can improve sport performance and speed up recovery process of muscle tissue, while other people simply enjoy the warm relaxation element that it provides.

Also eligible and encouraged to be used in conjunction with basalt stones, as they can be heated in the same way when using dry heat from VULSINI Heating Bags.