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Ergo Thumb

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The Ergo thumb is a new tool for ergonomic deep tissue massage, which prevents therapists incur work-related overuse injuries. Enabling more targeted, deeper work with less effort. With the Ergo thumb you no longer need to use your thumb to relieve trigger points. 
The design of the Ergo thumb leaves the wrist while working in a neutral position and prevents hyperextension and prevent pain caused by hyperextension. Now, wrists relax at work! Rather than strain the muscles, one charged while using the Ergo thumb the skeletal system. By avoiding direct exposure of repeated use of the thumb muscles and joint capsules of both the hand and the arm can be avoided. With Ergo thumb you not only avoid overload, but in addition may already heal existing injuries. 

Cleaning instructions:
We recommend that you clean this massage tool after each use. It can be easily cleaned with soap and warm water or alcohol. Then wipe it with a dry cloth.