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Reduced Shipping Costs In the EU
Reduced Shipping Costs In the EU



'Relax' Music Download - Spa Collection [Digital]

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Discover the therapeutic power of music, offering relief and healing from the stresses of modern life.

Introducing 'The Spa Collection,' a specially curated music compilation designed for spas and salons. Immerse yourself in the ambient melodies of this collection, completely free from licensing fees. As the owner of a salon or spa, you can play this music in public areas, creating a soothing atmosphere without any additional expenses.

With a playing time of 60 minutes and 19 seconds, 'The Spa Collection' provides ample opportunity for relaxation and rejuvenation. Let the enchanting compositions by the talented musician, Stewart Dugdale, guide you on a journey of solace and healing.

Upon purchase, you will receive an email from 'Vulsini Europe' containing a convenient link to download the music file. Enjoy the flexibility to access and listen to the collection at your convenience, allowing relief and healing to wash over you amidst the demands of daily life.

Please note that each order permits three downloads or streams. To ensure unlimited access, we recommend downloading the file to a computer, enabling you to revisit and experience the music's healing effects as often as desired.

Immerse yourself in 'The Spa Collection' and embrace the therapeutic power of music. Let it be your companion in finding solace, relief, and healing from the burdens of modern life.