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Reduced Shipping Costs In the EU
Reduced Shipping Costs In the EU



Hi5-Nova PRO massage gun with 7 massage heads + alu suitcase

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€193,60 (incl. VAT)

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Color: Black

Professional, silent and effective massage gun / massage hammer for reducing muscle stiffness and quick recovery.

With this fantastic massagegun you get a really in-depth and effective massage. It comes with 7 different heads - of which Hi5 has a world patent on one - and therefore the product is unique. The experience is to touch and feel - also for the wallet.

The silent massage gun from HI5 Nova-PRO is an exclusive massage device. The latest technologies in vibration massage have been used. Give your muscles renewed energy and experience reduced soreness and an effective reduction in your recovery time.

Our Hi5 Nova-PRO massage hammer makes your muscles relax, reduces stiffness and soreness in the muscles, stimulates blood circulation and rebuilds the muscles. The massage also activates the nervous system, supports the lymphatic system and is de-stressing.

Get a bespoke massage. You can easily replace the included massage heads and adjust the speed in 3 levels, so you get exactly the massage you need. It is effective and gives the best possible results in a short time.

The target group for a professional massage pistol / massage hammer is unlimited. We all need to get our muscles stimulated and massaged

Advantages of using a Hi5 Nova-PRO massage gun:

Did you know that by using vibration massage you give the muscles stimulation just like with active training. This makes the muscles more visible and at the same time reduces your cellulite, so your skin becomes more supple and smooth.

Use the massage gun after a hard physical day at work or for training. The massage reaches the deep muscles, activates the body's vitality and quickly and effectively removes soreness and stiffness. Increases blood circulation, gives stronger muscles and reduces recovery time.


Level 1: 30 Hz - 1800 vibrations / minute
Level 2: 40 Hz - 2400 vibrations / minute
Level 3: 48 Hz - 2900 vibrations / minute

The 7 different heads - replaced as needed:

Curved: Thighs, calves and abdomen
Fork: The spine
Round: Neck, arms, waist and hips
Bullet: Feet and hands
Spade: Waist and hip
Flat: Shoulder, back, arms, thighs and hips
Air cushion: Neck, shoulder, back and arms


»Easy and simple operation - 1 button.
»Very quiet 35 db - 45 db
»3 different speeds
»7 replaceable heads
»Wireless and portable
»Delivered in a nice aluminum box
»Fast charging (2.5 hours)

Technical specifications:

»70W strong power - 6 mm stroke
»Brushless magnetic motor
»Lithium battery with USB-C fast charging port
»High speed shock up to 3200 rpm.
»High-performance CPU AI processor, equipped with quality microcontroller